Our Products
queen excluder framed wired
The round wires are accurately spaced in a metal frame, secured into a wooden frame. The rounded wires ensure no damage is caused to the bees
queen excluder
The most popular queen excluder made from a stamped galvanised sheet.
plastic queen excluder
A plastic Queen Excluder.
queen excluder framed bamboo
Bamboo Queen Excluders are becoming increasingly popular, the soft bamboo ensures no damage is caused to the bees
Etna Smoker 7" (large)
etna stst smoker with guard
Empire smoker 5" (small)
empire smoker (large)
Empire smoker 7" (large)
smoker fuel apidou, lavender 0.3kg.
Smoker fuel APIDOU, 0.3kg.
uncapping fork
Uncapping fork (cranked)
stainless steel
An essential and indispensable piece of equipment. The traditional standard 10" long with one end sharpened, and one end hooked, idea for hooking up frames.
red hive tool with stainless steel end
Made of stainless steel with a red hook end, and a machined sharp chisel edge for scraping and prying open stubborn supers and brood boxes.
hive tool
Stainless Steel Hive Tool "J" type (Not painted)
bee brush
The best tool for gently clearing bees away, made from horse hair
frame grip
A spring loaded device ideal for gripping a frame with one hand.
national ashforth feeder
National Ashforth feeder with perspex cover
porter bee escape
Plastic porter bee escape, (pair)
hive connector
Hive connector, come complete with screws
cone escape for the wbc or national gabled roof beehive
Suitable for WBC or National Gabled Roofs
weatherproof wood adhesive
This glue, when dry, bonds stronger than the wood itself.
metal mouse guard
Metal mouse guard (only suitable for the National Hive)
castelated spacer bar (1 pair)
1 Pair of Frame Spacers
1 Pair of metal runners
queen marking cage
Queen marking cage with plunger