Hive Parts
smith brood box
Smith brood Box
Smith Brood box
smith super box
Smith Super Box
Smith Super Box
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smith roof 6
Smith Roof 6"
A Smith Flat 6" deep roof with metal lid. Comes pre assembled Made from solid Ceder, no ply wood.
national open mesh floor
Smith Open Mesh Floor
National Open Mesh Floor
national entrance block
Smith Entrance Block
Smith Entrance Block with different sized slots to allow for a choice of entrance sizes. Made from Western Red cedar
Runners (Pair)
1 Pair of metal runners
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wbc crown board
Crown Board
Crown Board with 2 x Bee escapes
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queen excluder framed wired
Queen Excluder Framed wired
The round wires are accurately spaced in a metal frame, secured into a wooden frame. The rounded wires ensure no damage is caused to the bees
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