WBC Hive Starter kit
WBC Hive Starter kit
£ 395.00

The WBC hive is the second most popular in the UK, it is a doubled walled hive giving that extra bit of insulation for the bees. This starter kit includes:

WBC Hive
1 x Varroa Floor with mesh, inspection tray
1 x Gabled Roof with metal lid and cone escapes
1 x Crown board with 2 Porter Bee escapes
1 x Framed wired QE
1 x Brood box
2 x Super boxes
3 x Lifts (one with porch)
1 x Set 10 DN4 Brood Frames and wired Foundation
2 x Set 10 SN4 Super Frames and wired Foundation
1 x Assembly instructions and nails

Clothing and accessories
1 x Full Hooded 100% cotton (245 GSM) Bee Suit (white)
1 x Standard Leather Glove (goatskin)
1 x Smoker
1 x StSt Red Hive Tool
1 x Bee brush
1 x Press on marking cage
1 x Frame grip
1 x Uncapping Fork
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