Find Your Local Bee Club

Below is a list of all the BKA I could find with their own website. As you can see there are many Bee keeping associations in the UK, 174 is my latest count! I am sure I have missed some, if you are one, please do let me know.

There are many more which do not have their own web site but are affiliated under the SBKA or the BBKA.

Aberdeen Beekeepers
Ashford beekeepers
Avon Beekeepers
Ayr Beekeepers

Barkston Beekeepers
Barnet & District Beekeepers
Barnsley Beekeepers
Basingstoke Beekeepers
Bath Beekeepers
Beckfield Beekeepers
Bedfordshire BKA
Berkshire beekeepers
Beverley Beekeepers
Bishop’s Stortford Beekeepers
Blackburn & East Lancs BKA
Borders BKA
Bridgend Beekeepers
Brighton & Lewes BKA
Bristol Beekeepers
Burton BKA

Cambridge Beekeepers
Carmarthenshire beekeepers
Canterbury beekeepers
Chalfont Beekeepers
Chelmsford Beekeepers
Cheltenham and Gloucester Beekeepers
Cheshire Beekeepers
Chesterfield BKA
Cirencester Beekeepers
Cleveland Beekeepers
Conwy Beekeepers
Cornwall BKA
Croydon beekeepers
Cumbria Beekeepers

Dartford beekeepers
Dean Forest beekeepers
Dengie and Maldon Beekeepers
Derbyshire Beekeepers
Devon BKA
Dingwall BKA
Dorset Beekeepers
Dover & District Beekeepers
Dunblane & Stirling BKA
Durham Beekeepers

Ealing Beekeepers
East Grinstead BKA
East Lothian Beekeepers
East of Scotland Beekeepers
Eastbourne Beekeepers
Easter Ross Beekeepers
Edinburgh & Midlothian BKA
Enfield Beekeepers
Epping Forest Beekeepers
Epsom Beekeepers
Essex Beekeepers
Exeter Beekeepers

Fareham & District Beekeepers
Farnham beekeepers
Fleet Beekeepers
Furness Beekeepers

Gloucestershire Beekeepers,
Cheltenham & Gloucester Branch

Guernsey Beekeepers
Guildford Beekeepers
Gwent Beekeepers

Halifax and District Beekeepers
Hambleton Beekeepers
Hampshire BKA
Harrogate & Ripon Beekeepers
Hastings & Rotherbee Beekeepers
Helensburgh BKA
Herefordshire Beekeepers
Hertfordshire Beekeepers
High Weald Beekeepers
Holsworthy BKA
Huntingdonshire Beekeepers

Kelvin Valley BKA
Kemnay community bee group
Kennet & District Beekeepers
Kent BKA
Kingston BKA

Lampeter & District BKA
Lancashire beekeepers
Lancaster Beekeepers
Launceston Beekeepers
Leeds Beekeepers
Leicester and Rutland BKA
Lincoln District Beekeepers
Littlehampton & Arundel Beekeepers
Liverpool beekeepers
Lleyn & Eifionydd Beekeepers
London BKA
Ludlow & District BKA

Manchester Beekeepers
Meirionnydd BKA
Meon Valley Beekeepers
Meridian Beekeepers
Mid Bucks BKA
Montgomeryshire BKA
Moray Bee Dinosaurs
Moray BKA
Nairn & District BKA
Natural Beekeeping Network
New Forest Beekeepers
Newant Beekeepers
Newbattle BKA
Newbury and Wantage Beekeepers
Newton Abbot BKA
Norfolk Beekeepers
North Bucks Beekeepers
North Cotswold Beekeepers
North Devon BKA
North Herts Beekeepers
North London Beekeepers
North Shropshire BKA
North Staffordshire Beekeepers
Northamptonshire Beekeepers
Nottinghamshire Beekeepers

Oldham Beekeepers
Ormskirk & Croston Beekeepers
Oswestry BKA
Oxford Beekeepers

Peebles Beekeepers
Pembrokeshire Beekeepers
Petersfield and District BKA
Peterborourgh & District BKA
Pinner & Ruislip Beekeepers
Plymouth Beekeepers
Portsmouth BKA
Reading Beekeepers

Reigate BKA
Richmond Beekeepers

Salisbury Beekeepers
Scarborough beekeepers
Scottish BKA
Sheffield BKA
Shropshire Beekeepers
Somerset Beekeepers
South chilterns beekeepers
South East Herts
South Gloucestershire Beekeepers
South Staffordshire Beekeepers
Southampton BKA
Southend Beekeepers
Southport Beekeepers
St Albans & District Beekeepers
Stamford & Bourne BKA
Stratford-Upon-Avon BKA
Suffolk Beekeepers
Surrey BKA
Sussex Beekeepers
Sussex Central Beekeepers

Twickenham & Thames Valley Beekeepers
UEA Beekeeping Society
Vale & Downland Beekeepers

Warwickshire Beekeepers
Waveney Beekeepers
Welsh Beekeepers
West Cornwall Beekeepers
West Dorset Beekeepers
West Glamorgan Beekeepers
West Sussex Beekeepers
West Wiltshire Beekeepers
Weybridge Beekeepers
Wharfedale BKA
Wiltshire Beekeepers
Wimbledon Beekeepers
Winchester Beekeepers
Wokinham & district Beekeepers
Worcestershire BKA
Worthing Beekeeper
Wye Valley Beekeepers