Langstroth Hive Parts
langstroth super box
Langstroth Super Box
Langstroth Super Box
langstroth brood box
Langstroth Brood Box
Langstroth Brood Box in WR Cedar
langstroth 6 inch roof
Langstroth 6 inch Roof
Langstroth 6" Roof
langstroth open mesh floor
Langstroth open mesh floor
Langstroth open mesh floor
wbc crown board
Crown Board
Crown Board with 2 x Bee escapes
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queen excluder framed wired
Queen Excluder Framed wired
The round wires are accurately spaced in a metal frame, secured into a wooden frame. The rounded wires ensure no damage is caused to the bees
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plastic queen excluder
Queen Excluder Plastic
A plastic Queen Excluder.
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