We offer three types of starter kits, the National being the most popular hive in the UK, the WBC and the Langstroth. The frames are interchange between the National and WBC hives, however the Langstroth frames are longer and NOT compatibale with the National and WBC. Several options are available, but if you are unable to find what you are looking for, please give us a call.
Our Products
wbc starter kit
A complete WBC Hive Starter kit with Frames and Foundation, a Bee Suit, Gloves, Smoker and a Hive Tool
bee keeping starter kits
A complete National Hive with Frames and Foundation, bamboo queen excluder, a Bee Suit, Gloves, Smoker and a Hive Tool
beginner starter kits
Bee Suit, Gloves, Smoker, Hive tool, uncapping fork, frame lifter